Stress: 10 Steps to Happiness


  This is part two of a three part series on stress. Read part one here.  This is my blog post as it appeared as a guest post on One2One Network on November 3, 2015.  I find this  extremely relevant as the Holiday season is upon us. In part one we…

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Organic Voxbox


A couple of weeks ago I received a “voxbox” from Influenster  .  Voxboxes are boxes that contain samples from companies for people to review.  The process is simple, make a profile at Influenster , rate and review items you already use, fill out surveys, share things on social media, answer questions, receive…

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I am THAT Mom, I will Embrace it!!

4 steps to embracing your Mom type

A few days ago a friend shared an article on my Facebook page about Mom types and why you need a friend from each of those categories.  (See the article here 11 Types of Mom Friends and Why They are Important. ) She tagged me because this meme(see below) featured in…

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Quick & Easy Real Food Recipe #1


Last week I promised to TRY to capture some of my recipes and real food ideas as I went along. This week I managed to actually capture 2 entrees, 2 sides, and 1 dessert.    YAY ME!!  So instead of Wellness Wednesday this week, I will be doing 5 posts…

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Hiking “The Crunchy Trail”: Meeting up with great blogs!


I’ve joined up with The Quinntessential Mommy ‘s “Meet Up Monday”.
I’ve chosen a couple of blogs I thought my “Crunchy Mom” friends might love and posted their links below.


The Frugal Chicken:  Great homesteading tips.

11 Secrets to Saving Money on the Homestead

 The Gluten Free Foodsmith

The Leftover Manwich!


Alas, I wish I could post more links here, but to keep “Meet up Monday” fair, we only get to link to two links. Therefore you will have to hop on over to The Quinntessential Mommy ‘s page yourself and check out all the other great pages.

Don’t forget to check back daily for new hikes on “The Crunchy Trail”.  :)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this brightens up your Monday.



Mile 1- Step 1- Real Food Recipes


  So this post will be a link post.  I can’t seem to get my recipes together.  I don’t  have them written down, I simply wing it with the food I have in the house. LoL  So I have searched for some easy, quick, “REAL FOOD” recipes to share with…

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