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This Swing ROCKS!!

The Graco Cozy Duet Swing Plus Rocker, Lambert is quite possibly my most favorite swing ever.

Graco Cozy Duet Baby Swing

Image added for cuteness!! πŸ™‚

Because : This swing ROCKS!! Literally and figuratively. We have been using it for over 1 month now and I cannot sing its praises enough. I was in the market for a new swing after my old one gave up the ghost. (2 fat babies in a row will do that to the gears in a swing). I have 6 kids raging in age from 18 years to 4 months so I know the importance of a swing for babies as we have had several over the years, from the old crank up kind, to battery operated, to huge and fancy. This is non-of-the-above it is so much better.

My last swing broke just before baby #6 was born, for the first 2.5 months of her life we just put her in it and gave it a push here and there. πŸ™‚ I was searching and searching. The opportunity presented itself to be a tester for a Graco product so I took it, they chose me to review THIS swing. YAY!!

Features I was looking for and found:

  1. Electric / non-battery : This swing has the ability to be plugged in and NOT go through a million batteries a year. This is one MUST have feature unless you intend to pay as much in batteries in baby’s first year as you did for the swing. However, it can be used with just batteries for times when you are having a day outside in the sun. πŸ™‚

  2. Portability: I wanted something I could move upstairs and down very easily since we home-school and our school room is down stairs. This swing is great because you can remove the swing and carry it downstairs and it is still a rocker. This is so easy and convenient. It is set up to just be picked up baby and all and carried wherever mom is going. So when baby is having one of those days where Mommy must be within sight, then just grab and go, no need to move the entire swing.

  3. Small size, but full functionality. We are a family of 10 (in-laws live with us) and we need every inch of our 1800 sq ft /3 bedroom home. This swing is the PERFECT size, it is big enough to be up off the floor but small enough to be out of the way, or sit pretty close to the wall. Because of the removable rocker mentioned above it also replaces the bouncy seat.

Features that were not necessary but that I love anyway:

  1. Songs and sound.. very soothing for cranky babies.

  2. Four swing speeds. Really setting 4 is pretty fast, but with a gassy, cranky baby this is sometimes very nice. Also the ability to have a much, much slower speed is nice when they are in that startle phase of newborn-ness. πŸ™‚

Features that were ok, but nothing to write home about or could be improved.

  1. The vibration. Freaked my baby out a bit, every time I turn it on she gets agitated.

  2. The soft toys. They are too high to be batted at by baby and not really bright enough to stand out and catch baby’s attention for long. However, my daughter does get chatty with the stars from time to time.

What could be added:

  1. A little more volume control on the sounds, you can’t adjust these and they are sometimes too soft (in a noisy room) and sometimes too loud when you are trying to do something else.

  2. More foldable design for storage and travel. It doesn’t fold up well if you want to take the entire system somewhere else.

  3. Better toy design or a mobile of some sort that keeps baby’s attention better. Obviously none of these are a deal breaker.

Notes for putting this together. The instructions are very easy to follow, however they are a bit reversed in order (my opinion). Once you snap the cover on the seat, which is VERY hard to do, it then tells you later to un-snap it and put the batteries in for the vibration and sound. DO THIS BEFORE SNAPPING THE COVER ON!! It will save your fingers. Also, put the batteries in the bottom part that run the swing (if you are going to use it with batteries) BEFORE putting the entire frame together. REGISTER it (or at least get the registration numbers) BEFORE putting the entire frame together also because the numbers you need are INSIDE the battery box that is hard to get to once you have the entire swing put together.

Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVE this swing and have never been more please with a swing purchased or free. I would gladly pay full price for this swing. I have had swings that were given to me that were much more expensive, much more fancy, and much bigger, and I have has smaller, simpler, cheaper swings. This one still out preforms and out features them all. This is by far my favorite of the 8 or 9 swings I have owned over the years and by far the highest quality with the best features.


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